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Course Description

The foreign exchange or Forex market, as it is more commonly referred to, is the largest financial market in the world. Forex transactions take place when individuals and businesses convert one currency to another. Global import and export of goods make up the largest portion of transactions that take place and play a key role in determining the strength of an economy.

Trillions of dollars in trade volume take place every day but there is no central exchange as found with stocks or commodities. Currencies are traded by a multitude of global participants such as banks, dealers, brokers and retail traders. This means that the Forex market is very accessible and can be traded 24 hours per day during week days.

There are a number of different factors which influence Forex rates. These factors include interest rates, inflation, monetary & fiscal policy, employment figures as well as the demand for goods and trade. As retail traders, we aim to profit from the price fluctuations caused by these factors.

The size and volume of the Forex market means that price movements can happen very quickly. This in turn means that the Forex market is not only the largest financial market in the world but also very volatile. Understanding the market driving factors and the cause of the volatility is the key to being a successful trader.

Taking advantage of the price fluctuations in the Forex market is not as simple as it may seem. A defined strategy and systematic approach with strict money management principals are of paramount importance as a trader. Without these, you will be destined for failure and may learn an expensive lesson.

Our Forex trading course will give you a detailed understanding of the market driving factors and how they operate. This foundation of knowledge will help you to understand how all the market influencing factors are represented in chart and specifically candle form.

You will also learn our unique technical analysis strategy and how to apply it to the charts, allowing you to accurately trade the Forex market. This strategy was specifically developed for currency trading and can be applied to various time frames with ease. This means that you can spend as little as 10 minutes per day trading the Forex market while making informed decisions and using a specific set of rules.

Study Methods

We use a state of the art online trading room which provides the perfect learning platform for our students and facilitators. This is a live interactive platform which means that the online study method is available in English to anyone and everyone on a global scale. As long as you have a computer and a decent internet connection, you will be able to expand your knowledge base and enhance your potential as a trader by attending our course.

There are certain advantages when attending our course in the classroom environment. Face to face teaching and learning is the preferred way to fully engage with your facilitator, take advantage of this package and take your trading to the next level. We will be hosting live courses throughout South Africa so remember to register for the next one, closest to you.

Self Study Manual R1950
Online Training R2950
Classroom R3950

Course Content
The foundation of the Forex market and how it operates
Understanding technical analysis
Japanese candlesticks
Fundamental market factors
Who and what drives the market
The key advantages to trading Forex
Pips and pipettes explained
Private Investment Management (Crown Account)

Forex trading strategy
Useful links and information



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I’m really glad that I decided to attend the course with Green Box Markets. I have been trading for a few years but was battling with my strategy. I now enjoy trading and can trade the market with confidence.

Nkosinathi Gama

After doing a number of different Forex trading courses which didn’t really seem to help, I really enjoyed the simplicity of this training. Everything makes more sense now and I feel that I have a great foundation. Thank you for helping me to achieve the next level in my trading ability.

Gideon Le Roux

This was a really good investment for me. I learned a lot from Linton and am very happy with the results. I learned to have a better understanding about Forex and that I must be patient not greedy.

Prudence Mbongwa